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Meet Kaitlyn Robertson, LPC

Kaitlyn Robertson_edited.png

With a passion for working with youth and teens, Kaitlyn Robertson (LPC) is a great fit for those needing extra guidance dealing with anxiety and depression. Kaitlyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Mount Saint Joseph University in 2019 and earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Xavier University in 2022. Other hands-on counseling experience includes interning at Living Hope Counseling Services in Cincinnati. With a gravitation toward the youth population, Kaitlyn likes to utilize play therapy in order to build better relationships with her young clients. Her person-centered approach builds on client strengths and gives them the tools and confidence they need in order to manage, feel good and succeed in their own personal lives.

Kaitlyn is an avid sports lover and participant. As a former collegiate athlete for the Mount St. Joseph women’s softball team, and currently coaches a high school softball team, Kaitlyn loves to stay active and spend time with her Dachshund/Yorkie dog, Gomer and enjoys visiting with her friends and family, especially her four nephews.

Having had dealt with her own anxiety as young person, Kaitlyn has always known she wanted to be in the “helping profession” to aid others the way she was. She learned tools and used resources to overcome her anxiety, while working with her own therapist and now wants to be able to give back to those who may need the same guidance.

When Kaitlyn isn’t helping others be their very best versions of themselves, you’ll find her watching a sporting event, or playing a pick-up game of basketball at the gym. Kaitlyn is an all-star counselor and is now accepting new patients! Call the office to learn more about Foundations Counseling. (513) 785-4895

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