Meet Matt Brown


Matt Brown, MA, LPC

Matt holds his Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and works as a LPC. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries from Liberty University. He comes to counseling from a near 20-year professional career in customer service and sales/advertising, where he worked to develop interpersonal skills and build others through training and mentoring. He also has several years of ministry experience.

Matt enjoys being able to help people who are hurting, whether they are experiencing things such as depression, anxiety, grief, or relationship issues. He does this through fostering a deep connection with his clients and understanding their feelings and situation. He has a strong client-centered focus, placing great value on accepting the client and working to get to their goals through therapy. Matt will work to help resolve the deep conflict that defines broken relationships and will also assist with the heaviness of depression, anxiety, or other issues. He also specializes in couples counseling.

Matt provides a listening ear and strives to be empathetic in every situation. He has a solid understanding of how interpersonal relationships affect individuals, as well as how mental disorders affect human behavior. He is constantly learning new strategies and treatments to help clients.

Family is very important to Matt, as he loves spending time with his wife and four children. He also enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach soaking up the sun.