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Meet Natalie Policani, MA, LPCC


Natalie Policani, MA, LPCC

I provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where I specialize in helping both adults and teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, interpersonal issues, marriage counseling and more. It is my joy to provide a comforting, healthy therapeutic relationship for you to process what you are going through and to help you overcome the obstacles in your life. I believe that providing this warm relationship, along with proven techniques and therapies, will help to guide you a better place.

In addition to providing a safe place to talk, I also provide evidence-based treatments. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is great for helping you to overcome thinking barriers, while Emotionally-Focused Therapy will guide you to become aware of deep-seated emotions driving your behaviors.

You may feel you are at a low point in your life, but I can help you gain strength to walk through healing and to fight past your difficulties. I personally have faced my own challenges, which lasted for a time, and through the help of others and healing, channeled my inner "grit" to get to the other side. It is my passion to help do the same for you.

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