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Therapy Offers Support To Youth During School Year  

Backpacks, books, and buses. It must be back-to-school time and with it comes the chaos, fun, and sometimes hardships of getting kids back in the classroom after a summer hiatus from learning and educational institutions. Many school-aged children face issues of anxiety when heading back into their classroom settings.

 “It’s completely normal for children to experience anxiety and nervousness at the beginning of the school year,” shares Foundations Licensed Professional Counselor, Kaitlyn Robertson who works with youth clients to tackle their personal obstacles like anxiety.


Anxiety for kids can come in different forms in the way of school. “Oftentimes, kids like routines and they like to know where to go, who they might sit next to in class or hang out with at lunch and recess, and just overall the general idea of what a school day might look like,” Kaitlyn describes.

If any of these examples seem to ring true for your young student, know you aren't alone and that Kaitlyn and the team at Foundations Counseling are available to help. For children who experience chronic or extreme anxiety Foundations Counseling offers a variety of specializations among its many clinical counselors, helping with all kinds of concerns. Choosing to introduce your child to a counselor doesn't need to occur after a major, life-altering event to discover they may need extra support. Many times just the feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious can be the first sign to look for help before a big event occurs.

“Seeing a counselor is nothing to be afraid of and can actually help! Sometimes, we just need short-term therapy to learn coping skills when we start to feel overwhelmed or just understanding what it is our body and mind is telling us,” expresses Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn Robertson works with many youth clients and likes to utilize play therapy. She teaches five senses grounding and breathing techniques to help her young clients deal with the anxieties they face.

“Play therapy is a great tool to use because it allows a child and a counselor to play with a toy they might enjoy like sand or a board game while getting to talk about some things that might be a struggle in their current life,” informs Kaitlyn.

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With differing modalities to initiate the benefits of counseling, Kaitlyn can find what works best for each client to support them through their unique challenges and keep them moving forward to healing. Counseling offers youth a different perspective and provides tools they might not have thought about using before.

Foundations Counseling works to match individuals with a therapist who can best serve them, whether they’re looking for play therapy, more traditional counseling conversations, or a therapist with a specific specialty. Foundations Counseling has a whole team of dedicated and compassionate counselors ready to help make individuals the best version of themselves.

Foundations is accepting new patients.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, call 513-785-4895.

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